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Cryptoshares are reality now.

We Are CoinOffering
CoinOffering Ltd. is the first company in the World, which shares are represented by tokens issued in the smart contract deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. It is written in the Bylaws of the corporation registered by the state authorities of the Republic of the Marshall Islands.
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Ivan Starinin
Alexander Salnikov
Viktor Ageyev
How it works
CoinOffering uses advanced system for internationally recognizable digital signatures. Ethereum accounts owners can be verified via system. In the Bylaws stated that all the possible corporate disputes should be resolved in online arbitration court of International Arbitration and Cryptography Centre in London U.K. using ‘ex aequo et bono’ principle. Thus despite of tax free status from the point of corporate law corporation “lives” in U.K.
CoinOffering offers for clients services for creating blockchain-based corporations by the same model it uses itself, customized for special business needs of the customer. We also are creating the market space for cryptoshares of blockchain-based companies and for other legal blockchain secured assets.

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